Thursday, 24 December 2015

Total Policing, Total Control

The problems heightened since Occupylsx camp is mission creep. The police will dredge up any excuse to intimidate people rejecting government policy and get them out of the way. Arrest them now and make up an excuse afterwards.

No oversight over the police and the incompetent are not named.
Even when they kill an innocent bystander such as PC Simon Harwood killing Ian Tomlinson and they get away with murder. ~ Obi_live

Then there's this other one. The big cost of stopping people protesting within sight of Parliament. Please read.

Baroness Jenny Jones, Green party member of the London Authority, one of those arrested but not prosecuted says this:

"Stopping people protesting within sight of Parliament is repressive policing and the Met Police seem to have forgotten that their duty is to enable democratic protest. This style of policing is also a waste of their time and resources at a time when their budgets are being slashed. The poor policing of the Occupy protests have wasted court time and a great deal of public money. The Met need to revisit their aims and values"

Sunday, 20 December 2015

Occupy Rupert Murdoch

Just thought to post a couple of memes about the Foreign Billionaire Rupert Murdoch who has a great influence on British politics. 

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Italy added to Railway Gravy Train

First the Germans and the French, now the Italians are joining the privatised Railway gravy train.

Both Jeremy Corbyn of Labour and Caroline Lucas of the Greens, along with 66% voters, including 52% of Conservative voters, want Railways back in public hands.

As pointed out by Jeremy Corbyn, the Tories are supportive of nationalisation so long as it's other European Countries owning British infrastructure. Unfortunately the foreign Billionaire owned Corporate Media portray Corbyn as the danger to British people?

Even the BBC reporting on the Green Party petition for railways Renationalisation asks whether it is "realistic ".

Any ideas critical of the neoliberal agenda of the City of London and their political lackeys are ridiculed and seen as a danger to the economy the Banksters destroy.

Something is wrong with this scenario.

Should fracking be allowed in National Parks?

Here it is. So the public say No.
Therefore the MP vote today will be YES.
We know this because our MP's are fracking bought by the sociopathic oil industry.

[Earlier this year Labour laid down 11 specific amendments to the Infrastructure Bill. We said there should be no more fracking unless all these safeguards – including for our Water Protection Areas – were put in place. The government conceded.

But in an anti-democratic, downright bewildering U-turn, the government is today using a back door procedure known as a ‘deferred vote’ – whereby no MP is able to speak or debate the issue – to force through a motion to allow fracking under our National Parks.]

London Mayor Elections

Only 38% turned out for last London Mayoral election, six in ten voters stayed at home.

Housing is one of the great issues in London with many dwellings being bought by Foreign capital and listed in tax havens. Empty safety deposit boxes in the Property Ponzi Scheme. Who would you say would be more inclined to solve the problem?

The Conservative Party has billionaire scion #ZacGoldsmith who has a mansion outside London. Labour has #SadiqKhan who accepts donations from Property Developers.

Green Party Candidate is #SianBerry who is part of #GenerationRent.  Campaign meetings are harder when you live in an attic room

High-profile developers back London mayoral candidates.

Property tycoons bankrolling Labour mayoral candidates, rival claims

Saturday, 12 December 2015

Join the #RedLines: Solidarity with #COP21 Paris Activists

Join the #RedLine: Solidarity with #COP21 Paris Activists.

Join our red lines action!

As the UN climate talks in Paris draw to a close, activists in Paris, despite the state of emergency, will be finding creative ways to make their voices heard and to remind the world of what is important - that there are 'red lines' that cannot be crossed if we are to have a just and liveable planet.
In London we stand in solidarity with those activists and their freedom of speech. We stand with negotiators from countries whose very survival is threatened if average global temperatures rise more than 1.5C. The pledges countries submitted going into the climate talks would take us well past even the 2C warming agreed as the absolute limit to avoid catastrophic climate change. And we stand with everyone ready to take action in 2016 to keep fossil fuels in the ground, and keep us from crossing the red lines.

RT @OccuWorld: Civil society groups think the climate deal is not ambitious enough to save the world

RT @JamieKelseyFry: Use non corporate media to see fail of corporate dominated #cop21 spectacle … now it's only you #redlines

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Don't Vote to Bomb Syria Day 2: Syria Vote, Parliament Square

Don't Vote to Bomb Syria Day 2: Syria Vote, Parliament Square.
This night the majority of the British people didn't want bombings. The majority of politicians in the House of Commons voted to bomb Syria.

Sunday, 29 November 2015

London Climate March 2015 #COP21

Awaiting the start of the march and talking about TTIP - Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. A clear and present danger to freedom for people around the world.

The Climate March alongside the Raised Voices Choir. At the same time this was happening the Parisian Climate Demonstration was suffering from French police shooting them with tear gas.

A little update from College Green, opposite the Houses of Parliament.

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Occupy London Dying4Heat FuelPovAction November 5th 2015.

This is the #Dying4Heat 24-hour vigil at Parliament Square on the Guy Fawkes, Million Mask March on November the 5th.
We decided on a vigil instead of the masks due to the police interference with a peaceful demonstration. Having some people waering Bermuda shorts is not exactly an arrestable offence.
Unfortunately, people who joined us from the march ended up being forced to leave by the police as their "permission" to protest expired at 2100 hours that night.
We managed to stay till 1000hours November 6th the next day.

Dying For Heat - Protest Against Fuel Poverty.

This is about coming together to protest over the 2.3 million households in Fuel Poverty and the number of people dying each year.

Please Share and invite your friends.

Dress Code: Bermuda shorts.

You can join for the planned 24 hour demo or you can show solidarity and stay however long you can, bermuda shorts not required.

Energy Bill of Rights:

Monday, 4 May 2015

May The 4th: Climate Change: The Elephant in the Polling Booth

[dropcap style="one" color="darkblue" text=" Climate Change: The Elephant in the Polling Booth " /]
While Climate Change: The Elephant in the Polling Booth (2pm-6pm) is series of speakers and workshops on why we need system change if we are to effectively tackle climate change.
Asad Rehman from Friends of the Earth will set out the big picture,

Mel Strickland will run a workshop on Reclaim The Power, Suzanne Jeffery speaks about the Trades Union’s One Million Climate Jobs,

Pete Deane speaks about the Green Investment Bank

Joel Benjamin, Community Reinvest will run a workshop about moving investments out of fossil fuel companies and into community-run renewable energy initiatives ,

and the session ends with an improvised participative theatre performance of Postman Frack.
[dropcap style="one" color="darkblue" text="Postman Frack." /]

For live updates and videos, please follow the twitter accounts


Sunday, 3 May 2015

Sunday May 3rd: Free our democracy from corporate influence!

Sunday May 3rd: Free our democracy from corporate influence!
[dropcap style="one" color="darkblue" text=" Sunday May 3rd: Free our democracy from corporate influence!" /]

A day focusing on our demands to end corporate lobbying and reform funding of political parties starts with Tom Lines on the corporate lobbyists pushing for the secretive TTIP trade deal and it’s frightening implications for democracy (12pm)

Further reading. The City, the banks and the EU – all in it together

[dropcap style="one" color="darkblue" text="Party Funding and Cash for Peerages" /]
Panel discussion on “Party Funding and Cash for Peerages” with investigative journalist Tom Warren, Andrew Mell who was lead author on Oxford University’s cash-for-peerages report and Donnachadh McCarthy – former Lib Dem vice chair and author of The Prostitute State who has seen the corruption of parliamentarians from the inside
Donnachadh McCarthy, The Prostitute State.

Party Funding: The Scoundrels Roster.

Cash for Peerages.

Conclusions and how to rectify the situation.

[dropcap style="one" color="darkblue" text="Green Party and Republican Socialist Hustings" /]
Hustings for the parties the establishment attempt to ignore and deny a voice.

Audrey Poppy - Green Party Candidate for Chipping Barnet (Tory stronghold)

Steve - Republican Socialist.

General Election Hustings 2015.

Jacky Davis radiologist and author of NHS for Sale – myths lies and deception on “How They Are Privatising the NSH Without our Consent” (5pm), a keynote speech from Tamasin Cave director of Spinwatch and author of A Quiet Word: Lobbying, Crony Capitalism & Broken Politics in Britain (6pm), and entertainment from Irish poet Grassy Noel and friends (7pm).