Tuesday, 31 August 2010

The Philippine Bus and Miss Universe

Good point made regarding the High, Middle and Lower Class of people. It has not changed in the Philippines. The rich will always get richer and some Middle classes might join the High.

One advantage we do have are the Flips who have become Global Pinoys. At first, they were Overseas Filipino Workers with their descendants becoming Global Filipinos interested in their old culture.

In this case the Lower classes do have champions in their relatives amongst the global pinoys. We are assisting in giving them the tools to make their lives better. The entrenched powers of the oligarchy would prefer for that not to happen, but we outnumber them.

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Labour condemns UK 'opt out' from EU directive against sex trafficking

David Cameron and Nick Clegg stand accused of sending the "wrong signal" to pimps and human traffickers across the world after the coalition decided against endorsing an EU directive designed to co-ordinate European efforts to combat the trade in sex slaves.
As new figures show that fewer traffickers are being jailed than at any time in the last five years, Labour called for a government rethink on the directive, appealing to the pro-European Liberal Democrats to explain to their coalition partners the benefits of EU action.

When the New Labour of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown were in government. They did nothing regarding the trafficking of people into the country. Now these people are criticising the new government for the same inaction.

Just like the old government, they realise that if they do opt-in , then they are legally responsible for helping these victims of slavery.  Better to see no evil.

Same old, same old.

The Philippine Bus and Miss Universe

When my grandmothers met, for the first time, during the early seventies, neither spoke the other's tongue. They could only communicate by using English. In their parents' generation, it would have been Spanish.

English should be taught in schools along with Spanish. From a past article, school children look to have encountered the problem from the government of enforcing the teaching of English, but using Filipino Tagalog as the medium of education. There are more Pinoy children who speak Cebuano in the home compared to Tagalog.

That would be akin to a English child going to school, then learning French, whilst being taught in German.

South Korea and China desire to learn English for international business, but they are also industrialised as countries by themselves.

The Philippines does not have the luxury and could have expanded upon both languages of English and Spanish without detriment to the people. Instead we have Tagalog nationalists calling for Tagalog instruction and could care less about the other 100 languages extant in the country.
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The Philippine Bus and Miss Universe

There are nearly 10 million Global Filipinos and many are sending money back to their relatives. The problem we face is a government that likes the foreign currency, but hardly does anything for OFW's? How long did it take before Global Filipinos could effectively vote in elections?

The second and third generations are getting interested in their parents homeland and we are doing things outside the country. From investing in the Philippines, advocating for a Jury system to be set up and working towards better human rights.


Unfortunately, it is an uphill struggle as the oligarchies would prefer the status quo.
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Aging Philanthropist Is Pakistan's Mother Teresa

This guy looks to be spending time on this world to good use. It is commendable that Abdul Sattar Edhi refuses outside assistance as it would leave him open to accusations of selling out to non-Pakistani interests.
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Sherforce High Court Enforcement: Bringers of Misery

A POPULAR seaside restaurant may be forced to close after it was gutted by Sherforce High Court Enforcement in a case of mistaken identity.
Bailiffs broke down the door of Naked Fish in Bridlington.

Ovens were ripped out, furniture was removed and even frozen fish and alcohol were confiscated.

A cooker was ripped out with such force, it caused a gas leak.

Kent-based debt collectors Sherforce claimed Naked Fish had unpaid debts and they had a High Court writ ordering the money be recouped from the business.

But, within a couple of hours Sherforce High Court Enforcement apparently admitted there had been "a terrible mistake". 
One thing noted about this company is their call-centre is based out of India.
It is still not known how this happened.
Mr Goacher, who owns a second branch of Naked Fish in Hull city centre, is now hoping his former customers will rally round and help him get the Bridge Street business back on its feet.
He said: "The restaurant has been closed for eight months and the stress of all of this has been horrendous, but I'm determined not to be beaten.
"The debt collectors realised they had made a terrible mistake and got the wrong business, but it left me feeling absolutely devastated.
"I had put four years of my life into building up Naked Fish and I want to continue and get things back to where they were before the premises were gutted."
Mr Goacher, 31, is making a bid for £200,000 compensation from Sherforce, at a Royal Courts of Justice hearing, next month.
Last year, The High Court in London ordered everything to be returned within seven days, but Mr Goacher claims a lot of the equipment had been damaged.

Sherforce High Court Enforcement and their practices, which nearly verge on the criminal, are currently being discussed in the Consumer Action Group Forum.

8 months before his equipment was returned and the proprietor still has to go to Court for his compensation.


"He fears a loophole in the law protecting debt collectors may mean they will be immune to being charged"

Sherforce High Court Enforcement shows how Bailiffs are out of control in Great Britain. As the economic situation worsens, this practice will only become widespread and well known.

A few proposed names for gay bar to be built next to the Islam Cultural Center, near "Ground Zero:"

As has been pointed out by other people. Supporting the freedom of speech of others, does not mean agreeing with their views. I would support the right of freedom of expression and religion of everyone, so long as it harms none.

The Muslims have the same right to build the Islamic cultural centre, as others have the same right to build a Gaybar, Church to the Flying Spaghetti Monster or a Satanist Church.

A few proposed names for gay bar to be built next to the Islam Cultural Center, near "Ground Zero:"

You Mecca me Crazy
Turbin Cowboys
Honor Drillings
Filthy Omar's Rusty Trombone
The Arabian Queen
Goat's Night Off
The Leather Burqa
Sheiks & Freaks
Sodom and Gonorrhea
Weapons of Ass Destruction
Alla Assbar!
The Sticky Prophet
The Sphinxter
Grind Zero
The Tali-bone
The Gaza Stripper
The Sandy Gerbil
The Camel's Hump
Hide the Minaret


Monday, 30 August 2010

Please take action on Female Genital Mutilation

The Cut - Female Genital Mutilation
(Written by Linda May Kallestein)

I was just about to witness a young girl have her genitals cut off at the hand of her mother. Intentionally. With a razor blade. The government official, who should have prevented it from happening, smiled his semi-toothless smile at me, from outside theboma. The chief respected the traditional law of no men allowed inside the ring of mud huts during the ceremony. He had no respect for the crime against Kenyan law that was about to take place. Nor of the gross violation of basic human rights. Of the violent act against a helpless child. The razor blade reflected the rays of the rising sun. All around were smiles and hushed laughter. Expectations. The main focus for most of the people standing in and around theboma was to get it over with. Not out of sympathy for 15 year old Mary who stood shivering as the sun made its way above the horizon. They simply couldn't wait for it to be party time. And my role in all of this? I was the guest of honor.

I had read all I could come over related to female genital mutilation and I was on my second trip to Kenya to find out more about the 5000 year old tradition. Somewhere along the way, I gained the trust of a community of Maasai, living life as they had done for generations, at the foot of Kilimanjaro. Human rights activist and photographer Justo Casal opened the doors for me and we had visited several times over the course of some months. I had even brought along my 10 and 15 year old sons. Bonds of friendship were tied. As a result, we were welcomed as family. The Maasai community opened their homes, inviting us to sleep with them around the fires in their huts made of mud and cow dung.

Continues here:



Please respond to this UK Government short survey on maternal and newborn health. They ask if the UK should be concentrating on ending FGM/C. This is incredibly heartening and shows that people are beginning to take notice - but needs our voice to show we all care! It only takes 7 minutes: http://orchidproject.org/dfi...d-consultation-on-maternal-health-please-take-action-on-fgm/

from the survey web page...
'We particularly want to hear what people in the UK and around the world have to say on the subject of reproductive, maternal and newborn health. We want to know more about your views, opinions and experiences. This will help us to understand different viewpoints, how these issues might vary in different countries, and how DFID could work better with partners.

The consultation will last for 12 weeks and will close on 20 October 2010'


Saturday, 28 August 2010

The Philippine Bus and Miss Universe

It took over forty years from the 1970's till 2010 before they finally made Eskrima/Kali/Arnis the national sport. Before then it was "sipa", which was invented in Thailand.

Shows the glacial speed in which the Philippine government prefers to move, unless forced by circumstance or people power.

We need to have that same anti-corruption organisation and make laws enforceable.

There are various Global Filipino groups outside the country calling for change.

Do you know of this site? http://philippinejury.com/

We need a Jury system in the country, a jury of twelve people is alot harder to bribe than one judge. Reasons why the filipino oligrachs prefer not to have the system.

We only need to encourage 10 million Pinoys to force this change.
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The Philippine Bus and Miss Universe

There was nothing wrong with the education of Maria Venus Raj. She graduated Cum Laude and has a Bachelors in Jounalism. The only fault you can find was that she was too honest with her answer. What could she have done in her 22 years of life? Get a B- in a paper? She is a young Filipina lady, not an American one. She has had to struggle to get to her position and that would not have left much room for big mistakes.

For the SWAT PNP. I can certainly blame the Mayor for not doing more and Gloria Macapagal's maladministration. Both are responsible for the poor training and lack of equipment given to the Manila Police.
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