Monday, 4 May 2015

May The 4th: Climate Change: The Elephant in the Polling Booth

[dropcap style="one" color="darkblue" text=" Climate Change: The Elephant in the Polling Booth " /]
While Climate Change: The Elephant in the Polling Booth (2pm-6pm) is series of speakers and workshops on why we need system change if we are to effectively tackle climate change.
Asad Rehman from Friends of the Earth will set out the big picture,

Mel Strickland will run a workshop on Reclaim The Power, Suzanne Jeffery speaks about the Trades Union’s One Million Climate Jobs,

Pete Deane speaks about the Green Investment Bank

Joel Benjamin, Community Reinvest will run a workshop about moving investments out of fossil fuel companies and into community-run renewable energy initiatives ,

and the session ends with an improvised participative theatre performance of Postman Frack.
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Sunday, 3 May 2015

Sunday May 3rd: Free our democracy from corporate influence!

Sunday May 3rd: Free our democracy from corporate influence!
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A day focusing on our demands to end corporate lobbying and reform funding of political parties starts with Tom Lines on the corporate lobbyists pushing for the secretive TTIP trade deal and it’s frightening implications for democracy (12pm)

Further reading. The City, the banks and the EU – all in it together

[dropcap style="one" color="darkblue" text="Party Funding and Cash for Peerages" /]
Panel discussion on “Party Funding and Cash for Peerages” with investigative journalist Tom Warren, Andrew Mell who was lead author on Oxford University’s cash-for-peerages report and Donnachadh McCarthy – former Lib Dem vice chair and author of The Prostitute State who has seen the corruption of parliamentarians from the inside
Donnachadh McCarthy, The Prostitute State.

Party Funding: The Scoundrels Roster.

Cash for Peerages.

Conclusions and how to rectify the situation.

[dropcap style="one" color="darkblue" text="Green Party and Republican Socialist Hustings" /]
Hustings for the parties the establishment attempt to ignore and deny a voice.

Audrey Poppy - Green Party Candidate for Chipping Barnet (Tory stronghold)

Steve - Republican Socialist.

General Election Hustings 2015.

Jacky Davis radiologist and author of NHS for Sale – myths lies and deception on “How They Are Privatising the NSH Without our Consent” (5pm), a keynote speech from Tamasin Cave director of Spinwatch and author of A Quiet Word: Lobbying, Crony Capitalism & Broken Politics in Britain (6pm), and entertainment from Irish poet Grassy Noel and friends (7pm).