Thursday, 24 December 2015

Total Policing, Total Control

The problems heightened since Occupylsx camp is mission creep. The police will dredge up any excuse to intimidate people rejecting government policy and get them out of the way. Arrest them now and make up an excuse afterwards.

No oversight over the police and the incompetent are not named.
Even when they kill an innocent bystander such as PC Simon Harwood killing Ian Tomlinson and they get away with murder. ~ Obi_live

Then there's this other one. The big cost of stopping people protesting within sight of Parliament. Please read.

Baroness Jenny Jones, Green party member of the London Authority, one of those arrested but not prosecuted says this:

"Stopping people protesting within sight of Parliament is repressive policing and the Met Police seem to have forgotten that their duty is to enable democratic protest. This style of policing is also a waste of their time and resources at a time when their budgets are being slashed. The poor policing of the Occupy protests have wasted court time and a great deal of public money. The Met need to revisit their aims and values"

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