Thursday, 5 November 2015

Occupy London Dying4Heat FuelPovAction November 5th 2015.

This is the #Dying4Heat 24-hour vigil at Parliament Square on the Guy Fawkes, Million Mask March on November the 5th.
We decided on a vigil instead of the masks due to the police interference with a peaceful demonstration. Having some people waering Bermuda shorts is not exactly an arrestable offence.
Unfortunately, people who joined us from the march ended up being forced to leave by the police as their "permission" to protest expired at 2100 hours that night.
We managed to stay till 1000hours November 6th the next day.

Dying For Heat - Protest Against Fuel Poverty.

This is about coming together to protest over the 2.3 million households in Fuel Poverty and the number of people dying each year.

Please Share and invite your friends.

Dress Code: Bermuda shorts.

You can join for the planned 24 hour demo or you can show solidarity and stay however long you can, bermuda shorts not required.

Energy Bill of Rights:

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