Wednesday, 4 May 2011 | Q | Is Hollywood guilty of "whitewashing"? | Q | Is Hollywood guilty of "whitewashing"?

The huge success of Fast Five, as directed by Justin Lin, and with its diverse cast that is predominantly non-white, proves the short-sightedness and racism in the Hollywood casting process. I'm sure they'll make excuses and flimsy explanations against Fast Five and its diversity, so they don't have to throw over any bones to the non-white audience.

I don't understand why more of "white America" isn't incensed over this prejudice... Some studio exec has effectively said, "white people can't relate to non-white people"... that, somehow, the large sector of the population who has a different skin colour, can be expected to be able to empathise with a white character, but our white friends just aren't capable of empathising with a story about a non-caucasian.

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