Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Sherforce Project India: Outsourcing enforcement east

In around September 2002, Claire Sandbrook and her team were asked to create the National Information Centre for Enforcement - or NICE for short. Soon after, the project moved East, with excellent results. Excellent for Sherforce Bailiffs. 

I have always found that outsourcing call-centres will be a disadvantage to the consumer, if there is no oversight from the originating country. 
When you call the number provided by the Sherforce Debt Collectors, it will always connect you to an Indian call centre. They also tend to be some of the most abrupt people you can encounter that you are left with the impression that they were trained to be rude.

Outsourcing offshore keeps labour costs a low as possible. Outsourced labour including management time is typically 30-40 per cent less expensive than the same UK model. But cost savings are only part of the story as it leaves all the agents in the United Kingdom with some plausible deniability.
Insolvency notices are classified and scanned out to India every day. The India team downloads the folders of scanned images, and enters the data into the NICESheriffs system. I presume that they are more careful in securing data in comparison to the British government?

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