Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Sherforce High Court Enforcement: Bringers of Misery

A POPULAR seaside restaurant may be forced to close after it was gutted by Sherforce High Court Enforcement in a case of mistaken identity.
Bailiffs broke down the door of Naked Fish in Bridlington.

Ovens were ripped out, furniture was removed and even frozen fish and alcohol were confiscated.

A cooker was ripped out with such force, it caused a gas leak.

Kent-based debt collectors Sherforce claimed Naked Fish had unpaid debts and they had a High Court writ ordering the money be recouped from the business.

But, within a couple of hours Sherforce High Court Enforcement apparently admitted there had been "a terrible mistake". 
One thing noted about this company is their call-centre is based out of India.
It is still not known how this happened.
Mr Goacher, who owns a second branch of Naked Fish in Hull city centre, is now hoping his former customers will rally round and help him get the Bridge Street business back on its feet.
He said: "The restaurant has been closed for eight months and the stress of all of this has been horrendous, but I'm determined not to be beaten.
"The debt collectors realised they had made a terrible mistake and got the wrong business, but it left me feeling absolutely devastated.
"I had put four years of my life into building up Naked Fish and I want to continue and get things back to where they were before the premises were gutted."
Mr Goacher, 31, is making a bid for £200,000 compensation from Sherforce, at a Royal Courts of Justice hearing, next month.
Last year, The High Court in London ordered everything to be returned within seven days, but Mr Goacher claims a lot of the equipment had been damaged.

Sherforce High Court Enforcement and their practices, which nearly verge on the criminal, are currently being discussed in the Consumer Action Group Forum.

8 months before his equipment was returned and the proprietor still has to go to Court for his compensation.


"He fears a loophole in the law protecting debt collectors may mean they will be immune to being charged"

Sherforce High Court Enforcement shows how Bailiffs are out of control in Great Britain. As the economic situation worsens, this practice will only become widespread and well known.

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